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Client retained our services to help remove a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) status and assist him in obtaining a new driver license. We broke the process down into three (3) easy steps for the client. First, we reviewed his driving record. Upon review, we realized that he had several “failure to pay” issues. He paid these to minimize the effect of the outstanding debts. Second, we filed a motion on several tickets that had not yet been paid, and requested the judge withhold adjudication of guilt on the various charges so that he would not receive points added to his license. Finally, with all other driving record issues cleared, we filed a motion in the above numbered case to temporarily set aside a plea of not guilty to the charge of driving on a suspended license that our client had entered in 2011. These driving on suspended license convictions act as a “strike” that can lead to a HTO status. The State agreed to not object to the temporary withdrawal of his plea, on the condition that he obtain a new license and not pick up any new charges while this case was being resolved. Once the plea was withdrawn, we contacted the DMV in Tallahassee to remove his HTO status. Client has successfully obtained a new license and restored his ability to drive.

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