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“I cannot say enough good things about Malcolm. I was the victim of a road rage incident where the perpetrator had a family member pose as a “unbiased witness”. They gave a completely false story to the police. I thought my case was hopeless because it was two people’s stories against mine. But… I knew the truth and ultimately decided I had to fight this. I did a lot of researching in to St Johns County based lawyers before making my decision. Malcolm has 38 five-star reviews on Avvo, so he obviously made the short list of people to call. Malcolm called me personally after I submitted a consultation request online. I spoke with him for close to 45 minutes about what happened and he gave me immediate advice without ever mentioning a fee. By the end of our conversation, I immediately knew he would be my lawyer. There were times when I would contact him because I was scared / anxious. I also did not want to have to see the person in court because I was afraid of him and he lived in my neighborhood. Malcolm took that weight off of me. Everything related to the crash was handled by him. I never had to speak to another person. Malcolm overcame incredible odds and the result of his work was even better than what I had initially hoped. He is an excellent lawyer, and he is honest with his clients about what he can realistically do for them. You will see this at your first meeting with him. If you choose Malcolm, you can be sure that you have picked an extremely competent, experienced attorney who will fight for you. Malcolm has earned a lifetime client. No matter how major or minor the legal matter may seem… pick Malcolm. It will be the best investment you could possibly make for your peace of mind. ”

– Jessie

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