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“I spent the better part of 15 years in shame. I got a dui in a state and before I went to court I decided to leave. Biggest mistake of my life. It was to be my 3rd DUI so I took advice from “jailhouse” lawyers and left. More than 15 years later I was without a job and of course without a drivers license. It ate at my very soul. By coincidence I found Mr. Anthony on the internet and explained my situation. I explained how I had changed my life and was a happily married man for more than 15 years but I still couldn’t get a job or “legally” drive. I asked him to look into my case and see what he could do. You have to understand the sheer panic I had just asking him. He was so understanding and to my shock and surprise was “on my side”. He simply said please let me help you with this and get your life back. $1200….. imagine 15 years of agony and pain and shame and I sent Mr. Anthony $1200. Let me tell you $1200 was “NOTHING”. I would have spent 12 million if I had had it. A few days later I got an email from him telling me to call because he had good news for me. EVERYTHING WAS CLEARED UP! He said to go and get my drivers License and start looking for a job because I was free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still don’t know all he did…… all I know is I am the most blessed person in the world. A couple of weeks later I got a driver’s license and car insurance. I used to admire people with car insurance….. now I’m one of them. Now the best news……. A few months ago I landed a job with my city. 100% of my duties involve driving a city vehicle!!!!! Only advice I have is stop living in fear. I promise you this…… Mr. Anthony will not look down on you. He will treat you with respect and use every legal means he has to help you. He is there for you. I looked at several lawyers but I was impressed at how he seemed to “understand”. He didn’t judge me he wanted to help. Isn’t that what you want from a lawyer. Don’t live in fear….. let Mr. Anthony help you get your life back and your pride. Oh and get this…… I have a voters card and for the first time since I was 18 years old I voted in the election. That makes me very proud. I now feel like an American citizen again. All thanks to Mr. Anthony.”

– John

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