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“In 2012 I was on out of state business travel to St Augustine Florida for my Company. Unfortunately I struck a sign post with my rental car and ultimately was arrested for a DUI. After some research and reviewing Mr. Anthony’s record, I hired him to represent me. Most importantly, Malcolm understood my concern with losing my security clearance and the fact my livelihood depended on it. Malcolm succeeded in developing a strategy and managing my case such that it was reduced to reckless driving withholding adjudication. This directly contributed to my security clearance not being impacted. He kept me very informed throughout the whole legal process, represented me in court so that I did not have to travel to Florida multiple times, and provided me with his personal cell phone and returned all my calls promptly. His office support was also very helpful in answering my many questions. I would highly recommend Malcolm Anthony to anyone needing legal representation. He is an extremely skilled and seasoned attorney. ”

– Pleased Client

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