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“I was arrested for a DUI on a Saturday at 2:00am. I was mortified and shaken, but I called Malcolm and got voicemail. At 4:00am, an officer told me Malcolm had called and that he would be there for my hearing in the morning. He saved me. A few days later, we met at his office and he explained what I was facing and how the law pertains to my case. His knowledge of the law totally put me at ease. I felt like I was in good hands. Our case was set to go to trial and I was present at the Jury Selection. Malcolm really took command and had a strategy for selecting each jury member. He felt confidant based on my video that the jury would return a “not guilty” verdict, but was honest about the consequences if I was found guilty. The case never went to trial. Against Malcolm’s advice I changed my plea and accepted the minimums. I’ve known Malcolm for many years and thought I would never need the services of a criminal defense attorney. Until I did. I am grateful to have had him on my side and would (and have) recommended him to family and friends.”

– Pleased Client

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