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“I hired Malcolm when I got arrested for a DUI. It had been the worst day of my life ending up in jail. The case took a long time to develop, but Mr. Anthony never charged more for the time it took. Malcolm was very good at responding to calls even in the evening from me and from my sister who was helping me through this. Eventually the case went to trial. Malcolm calmly sat with me through the two days and did amazing trial work. There was a video that was played. After Malcolm gave his closing argument for me, the jury deadlocked, which meant we had to go to trial again. Malcolm explained that the second trial is usually unfavorable because the State knows how we will handle our defense. Malcolm only charged me one trial fee; he did the second trial at no charge. At the beginning of the trial, Malcolm kept the video out of evidence. I was found NOT GUILTY! Malcolm told the jury that I had the worst day of my life that day and asked them to give me a good day with a not guilty verdict. It was a good day, thanks to the amazing work Mr. Anthony did for me. He will not give up on you. ”

– Karen

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