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“I was arrested for DUI after the players in May 2012 and Malcolm has worked with me for over a year to get this case resolved. I had a road side test, I admitted I was drinking and I blew. I was going to throw in the towel but God must have been with me in the jail house courtroom that day as the normal judge was out sick. My court ordered judge would not let the presiding judge decide the cases and I met Mr. Anthony in the court room that day. The deck was stacked against me but Malcolm and his staff believed in me as a an individual citizen and my case was important to them for various reason of age, current and past employment, social status and limited education. He fought for justice for me and my case was settled as reckless driving with a fine, some probation and other penalities. The important thing is that he stayed with me all the way at one point telling me I’m not ready to settle this yet you deserve better and I am going to continue to fight. He saved my security clearance, job, diginity and I am glad he came into my life. I highly recommend him “AS YOUR GUY FOR A DUI” ”

– Jim

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