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This client came to us less than a week before his scheduled honeymoon cruise. He had received a letter that a warrant had been issued to arrest him because he failed to appear on a Driving While License Suspended (Knowingly) charge. I informed him that the authorities would arrest him as he embarked or debarked on the outstanding warrant. He needed urgent action. I filed a motion to withdraw the capias (warrant) and fortunately got the judge to set it 3 days before his cruise, and the judge withdrew the warrant and provided him a copy so he could show it to the cruise authorities if he got detained. While he was cruising, I showed the State they had no evidence his case was criminal “knowingly” but was really a civil “unknowingly” driving with a suspended license because his suspension was for financial responsibility which is exempted from the legal “knowingly” presumption. Two weeks later, before the hearing on my motion to dismiss, the State dropped the case. I informed the client of the total success on the day he was driving home from his cruise.

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