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I appeared in court recently on a DUI case. I had filed a motion to suppress all the evidence because I averred the stop was not constitutional. A Neptune Beach police officer stopped my client westbound on Atlantic Blvd., the dividing border between Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. Westbound is Atlantic Beach. The State attempted to uphold the stop as valid by introducing a Mutual Aid Agreement between the beach municipalities and the city of Jacksonville. I attacked the agreement as overbroad and possibly tampered with. When I showed the State the 2015 agreement with the 2015 signatures and their 2018 agreement which had the same 2015 signatures with three 2015 signatures removed and three new 2018 signatures added, they agreed to reduce the charge to Reckless Driving. My client pled to Reckless Driving and the court withheld adjudication of guilt, meaning she was not convicted.

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