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“I have hired Malcolm for all my legal needs in Florida, and believe me I’ve had my fair share. I came to Malcolm with a major problem. I only had one shot at hiring a good lawyer. My money was limited and my charges were serious. I had tried to find a cheap lawyer in St. Augustine and ended up wasting $2500 because I was mislead about his ability to handle the case and lied to about the overall price. When I told Malcolm about this he fixed EVERYTHING! He even took $2500 OFF OF MY BILL! It wasn’t his fault that this guy was dishonest and unprofessional, but he felt responsible, as a fellow doctor of law, to make things right. It only got better from there…I was charged with felony home invasion, robbery and assualt. Malcolm got all of the charges dropped and even made sure I graduated from college before I stepped foot in the court room. i woulld have been thrown out of school in my senior year if it wasn’t for him. Next I was charged with a DUI. It was my third DUI charge so the penalties were steep to say the least. I was in danger of losing my license FOREVER and doing some serious time in jail. Instead, because i chose Malcolm, I didnt lose my license for even one day. Once again the charges were dropped and I was on my way with no problems! I was truely amazed. I am forever a fan of Malcolm Anthony and will hire him for all my legal needs in florida without a second thought. I literally trust him with my life. And i can’t end this without mentioning the excellent customer service and updates on my case provided by his assitant Jenny. She is AWESOME and will never let you down in a jam. This is a full service professtinoal law firm that takes you in like family when you walk in the door. Everything is personal and you recieve their full attention as a client and as a human being in need. I would be in jail right now if it wasnt for them. Instead im on my way to Grad school to follow my dreams. I can’t thank them enough. Dont trust just any one with your legal needs. Go for the sure thing….MALCOLM ANOTHONY. He is the man. ”

– Justin

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