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“I retained Mr. Anthony to help me get my driver’s license back after having been given a habitual traffic offender status. He worked with me through the entire process. He broke the process down into three easy steps. First, he reviewed my entire driving record and told me what tickets/fines I simply needed to pay. Second, he requested court dates on several outstanding traffic citations and requested the judge withhold adjudication of guilt so I would not receive points on them. Third, he filed a motion to set aside (undo) a plea of No Contest I had previously entered on a Driving with Suspended License charge which was one of the three strikes leading to my Habitual Traffic Offender 5 year suspension. After my plea was withdrawn, he was in daily contact with DMV in Tallahassee to urge them to remove my HTO status. Once it was removed, I was able to go get a new driver’s license. I don’t know what I would have done without his help. I felt like I had been living in the matrix and he got me out. I was impressed with the way he explained everything to me and encouraged me that the plan would work. ”

– Enrique

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