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“Without Mr. Anthony I would be im jail right now. Not only did he save me from getting locked up, he saved my driving record too! Which I needed for my job. He made everything so easy. I just sat back while he worked his magic in the courts. He went above and beyond what I paid him to do. Believe me if something can possibly be taken off of your record, this is the man to see. He not only thoroughly does what you pay him to do but also does more if/when it is possible that there is more to do with while he’s working your case in court. It felt like Christmas when he told me everything he was able to get expunged off of my record. I was just hoping for a good deal and I ended up getting a bargain with him. Ive had other traffic lawyers in the past and none of them can touch this guy. I don’t know how he does it. I’m just thankful that I found him!”

– Jordan

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