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“I was referred to Mr. Anthony by a friend of mine with a similar case. Basically, I received a DUI on top of several traffic tickets in one night. With this being my first time dealing with the court system, I was mostly concerned with what my penalty would be and how to get done with the penalties as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, due to confusion on my part and mishandling of the numerous traffic tickets I received during that night, I was facing a very lengthy license suspension to go along with the high fines I had already paid. I met with Mr. Anthony to see if anything could be done with this situation, and upon reviewing the traffic tickets and my driving record, he was confident something could be done. Within two weeks, Mr. Anthony was able to set a court date, get all but one of my traffic tickets dismissed, and get the money I had paid for the tickets refunded back to me. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Anthony was professional, tactful, open, and very communicative. I could not possibly recommend Mr. Anthony any more for any legal issues you are facing, especially in the area DUI cases and traffic offense. The only thing I would change is retaining his services immediately after my arrest. Thank you very much Mr. Anthony!” 

– Tim

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