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Look, we understand nobody is perfect and people do make mistakes. That doesn’t mean you are defined by your mistakes, and we want to help you through the process after you get your DUI charge in Florida.

The days after your arrest are going to be important because your life will look a whole lot different until your court case is finished. We want to walk you through some key changes to consider as you move forward.

Understand your driving and licensing options

First, you are allowed to drive, at least for 10 days. Keep your DUI citation (your ticket) with you. It is your license if you either refused to provide a breath sample or blew over the legal limit of 0.08. Look at the citation for the two boxes in the bottom third of the ticket. The box for “DUBAL” (Driving with an Unlawful Breath Alcohol Level) will be checked if you blew over the limit. The “Refusal” box will be checked if you refused a breath sample. If you provided a breath sample under 0.08, then your license should not have been taken and you are not subject to an Implied Consent suspension.

The 10 day window is to give you time to make some very important choices. It is the time limit to either request a hearing to contest your suspension or apply and obtain a hardship. Contact a lawyer well-versed and experienced in DUI and license defense.

Find and speak with a DUI Lawyer as soon as possible

It is imperative you see an experienced DUI lawyer within the first few days of your arrest so you can be properly advised of your options regarding the suspension of your license and make the decisions which best fit your situation.

Zero in on Your Court Date(s)

If you proceed without a lawyer, you should make sure nothing gets in the way of being in court. The court will give you a notice at the time of your initial arrest instructing you when to appear. Be sure to clear your schedule and make arrangements to get to and from your court appearance on time. Your case could involve several appearances, so it’s important to note each one.

If you retain a lawyer, your lawyer should file a pleading called a Waiver or Presence (though many lawyers, clerks and even judges mislabel this a Waiver of Appearance). The Waiver of Presence allows your lawyer to appear in court without you being present. It will need to be signed by you.

Hire a DUI Attorney

You must find the right lawyer for your case to fight for your license and defend your DUI case.

Choosing the right defense attorney could make all the difference, so let Malcolm Anthony, P.A. fight for you. For an experienced attorney in the Jacksonville area, call today at 904-285-4529 (4LAW).



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